-The Iron dog-

The story of Hannibal

   In September of 2007 I was blessed with the best friend anyone could have. Hannibal my doberman. From the time I brought him home, we were inseparable. As time went on, I began to realize that he was more than just a dog. He taught me just as much as I taught him.

   Fast forward to 2014 when I started making and selling knives. I knew that I wanted to make him the face of the brand. Doberman dogs are tough, strong, and elegant. All of which are traits that I wanted in my knives. 

   Every night that I spent in the shop, Hannibal spent right along with with me. Sitting by the door keeping watch, he would keep me company as I worked. Then one day in the summer of 2016, I noticed that he was limping and one of his front legs was swollen. After a trip to the vet we were informed that his leg was broken and even worse, bone cancer had set in. 

   Devastated, I researched every option that that was available to us. Being as he was only 9 years old and still in very good health otherwise, We decided to have his front leg amputated in hopes of saving his life. Hannibal bounced back from the amputation strong as ever. Unfortunately a few days later we learned that he had been burned badly by the heating blanket that they had put him on during his operation. This had quickly led to infection and another surgery to remove all of the dead tissue.

   Now we had a new challenge. We had to wait until the wound healed up completely before starting chemo. This took several weeks. Finally after the wound had healed, we started chemo. He endured 3 rounds of it with little side effects. Hannibal was trooper

   Then one morning I heard a cough and I knew in my heart what that meant. After another trip to the oncologist we learned that the cancer had spread to Hannibal's lungs. There was no longer a need for the chemo treatments. The battle was over and we had lost. Two weeks later Hannibal awoke me and I knew it was time. That night I said good by to my best friend.

  Hannibal was the toughest son of a bitch that I had ever met. Through it all, he held his head high and fought his heart out. He will forever live on in my heart and though Iron Dog Knifeworks.