Harley Seidel

Bladesmith / Knifemaker

  Welcome to Iron Dog Knifeworks. I am Harley Seidel, owner, designer, and craftsman. I started Iron Dog Knifeworks in 2014 as a hobby. Something that was just meant to get me out of the house and away from the TV, has now turned into a passion and thriving business. 

  While I make everything from bushcraft knives to hand forged belt buckles and leather belts, chef knives and other kitchen cutlery is what I truely love to make. Every piece that I make is as much art as it is functional. I strive to create things that are just as much a pleasure to use as they are a pleasure to look at. 

  With that being said, performance is the number one goal. If it doesnt work right, it is useless. I stand behind everything that comes out of my shop 100%. 

  Thank you for visiting,